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Mission and Goals

Trinity EngAGE is Ireland's global Centre for Ageing, advancing partnerships between researchers, industries and governments in order to launch transformative educational programmes, excellent clinical care, evidence-informed policies, and innovative technologies. Trinity EngAGE:

  • Cultivates multidisciplinary and collaborative research so that a greater understanding of the biological, social and environmental components of healthy ageing emerges (Knowledge Generation);
  • Advances evidence-based research that generates innovative technologies, influences healthcare practices, and informs policies so that health and well-being are improved across the lifespan (Knowledge Translation);
  • Promotes knowledge exchange between researchers and the public in order to offer life-long learning opportunities and empower a science-literate population who can advocate for their health and well-being (Public Engagement).


Our efforts are focused on the following objectives:

  • Lead innovative research to better understand ageing processes, age-related diseases, and age-related disabilities, both physical and mental, through collaborative inquiry and multi-disciplinary teaming;
  • Serve as policy advisors to local, national and international governments as they address system inequalities and obstacles to healthy, happy ageing;
  • Raise awareness of research findings and innovative technologies amongst doctors, nurses, social workers and other front-line care providers to ensure accurate diagnoses and effective treatments;
  • Empower a science-literate population who can advocate for their own health and well-being in Ireland and beyond;
  • Engage industry to advance technologies which improve economic, social and health indicators for older adults;
  • Inspire and educate future generations of researchers in ageing and launch social entrepreneurs by developing students' skill-sets to include engagement across society.

Last updated 7 December 2015