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Postgraduate Overview

The Confederal School of Religions, Peace Studies and Theology brings together biblical studies, theology, ethics, religious and interreligious studies, international peace studies, conflict resolution and reconciliation as independent but interrelated disciplinary fields of study. Postgraduate programmes across the tripartite confederal school address the significant engagement between religions and cultures from their roots in antiquity to the present day, and investigate political and social research topics associated with war, peace and post-conflict justice; poverty, development and political empowerment, associated with different regional contexts and in light of prevailing and countervailing geo-political dynamics. Courses take account of the intellectual, imaginative and institutional resources shaped through historical and contemporary interactions and social movements, and relate these to the challenges and the opportunities facing societies and marginalised peoples in an age of globalisation.

For details of specific postgraduate opportunities in each of the three unites, please see the following links:

Department of Religions and Theology

Irish School of Ecumenics

Loyola Institute

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