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Room Application - Schemes - DUCAC (Sport Club Rooms)

To formally recognise clubs, societies and other organisations that are making a significant contribution to College life the Registrar of Chambers has asked relevant committees in College to forward nominations for clubs and societies whose activities would especially benefit from rooms on campus.

The Registrar of Champbers has agreed a maximum of eight sport club rooms this year but has requested recommendations as to the benefits of these rooms to Clubs.

Clubs must apply for rooms through DUCAC using the headings below. The DUCAC Executive will recommend eight Club Rooms. Successful Clubs will then be asked to nominate 2 members (one of which must be a Club Officer) to occupy these rooms. All potential occupants of Club rooms must be in good standing in College and as always the Registrar of Chambers makes the final decision on allocation.

Can you please forward a submission to DUCAC, why you feel that your club should be allocated rooms and the benefits to your club under the following headings;

  • Level of competitiveness of your club and successes this year
  • No of members in your club
  • Administrative value to having rooms
  • Who/what position would be recommended to living in rooms
  • Any other information you deem relevant to your club having rooms

Can you please forward Drinda Jones (email this information by 27th February, 2009.

In addition, can you please inform your members that, if they are applying for rooms this year, clearly indicate their involvement in Sport. These applications will be copied to DUCAC and we will be making recommendations on sporting grounds.

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Last Updated: 26-Feb-2009