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The Plato Centre hosts many functions throughout the academic year on various topics related to Plato, his philosophy and his legacy. The scope of events that are hosted by the Centre range from highly sepcialized talks by scholars who are doing cutting–edge work in ancient and contemproary philosophy to public events centred around the relevancy of Platonic and Platonist philosophy to the issues and problems of today.

The Weekly Reading Seminar provides the opportunity for a small group to come together regularly to study a chosen text closely both in the original Greek and in translation. Traditionally in the first semester the seminar is dedicated to a Platonic dialogue, while in the second semester a text from the Platonic tradition, or a modern philosophical text with a Platonist influence, becomes the focus.

The Visiting Speaker Colloquium attracts expert scholars from around the world and from diverse academic disciplines to share their latest research.

Named in honour of the great Irish translator of Plotinus, each year the Centre hosts the Stephen MacKenna Lecture. This series is intnded to promote the latest scholarship on the philosophy of Plato and the later Platonic tradition.

Begun in 2010 in conjunction with a monumental translation project by Plato Centre member Dr David Horan, the Centre hosts an Annual Reading Week. Typically held in May or June this event is an intensive week–long reading of a single Platonic dialogue.

The Plato Centre also organises and hosts a number of workshops on topics related to Plato, his philosophy and philosophy in the Platonic tradition. These events are usually held over one or two days, and, depending on the theme, tend to attract scholars and students from a range of different academic disciplines.

Since 2006 the Centre has organized and hosted a series of Public Lectures on the general topic of "Platonism and the World Crisis". The aim of these lectures is to bring a Platonic perspecitve to the economic, political and social challenges facing the world today.

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