More students from Kuwait to study and research at Trinity

3 October 2017

Memorandums of Understanding signed in Ministry of Education and Kuwait University

More students and scholars from Kuwait will study and carry out research at Trinity College Dublin. The news comes after the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in the State of Kuwait and Kuwait Univeristy signed separate memorandums of understanding with Trinity College Dublin in Kuwait City this week.

The two memorandums pave the way for greater collaboration between the Government of Kuwait, the University of Kuwait and Trinity. The memorandums aim to boost cooperation in areas of common interest including student study programmes, joint research and cultural exchanges.

The new memorandums build on the success of existing agreements which have brought the number of Kuwaiti students studying in Trinity programs to more than 30 in a short space of time. The first memorandum was signed by Assistant Undersecretary for Scholarship Affairs, Mrs Fatma Sinan, and Trinity President and Provost Patrick Prendergast in the presence of Minister of Education and Higher Education, Dr Mohammed Al-Fares and Undersecretary for Higher Education, Professor Hamed Al-Aazmi.

Trinity’s Vice-president for Global Relations, Professor Juliette Hussey,  said  that the new agreements follow excellent relations between Kuwait and Trinity:

“This is a significant day for Trinity and, I hope, for Kuwait. The potential areas of co-operation range from medicine, engineering and genetics to Middle Eastern studies, English literature and entrepreneurship,” Professor Hussey said.

Members of the delegation led by Dr Prendergast also meet with officials at the Amercian University of Kuwait and the Kuwaiti Chamber of Commerce.

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