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Evidence Based Medicine & Elective Practice 1

What's Involved?

Research and presentation skills grow within a group environment, students establish their own team and select a topic of interest. By the completion of their report they will have searched the scientific literature surrounding their topic and will critically asses it, prioritising their findings and the potential impact on current medical practices.

In the summer months, students will undertake an elective of 4 weeks duration where they will gain clinical experience in a hospital, medical centre, laboratory, research unit or general practice in Ireland or abroad.

Student Experience

Students further develop their ability to work independently in order to research and contribute to an overall team goal and report, while evolving their critical assessment and presentation skills.

Undertaking an elective further establishes the foundation for clinical practice allowing students to explore specialties, locations and practices of their choosing. Students may stay in Ireland or travel elsewhere, many students use the elective after the third medical year to travel with Medical Overseas Voluntary Electives (MOVE).


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