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Advanced Clinical & Professional Practice

What's Involved?

This module builds upon the experience from the 2nd year module in clinical skills and professional practice, while initiating learning on new technical and non-technical practices.

Professionalism is expanded upon greatly, students begin to hone their rationality and sensitivity in patient interactions and work within the team environment. Medical ethics in the clinical setting is observed and put into practice, while aspects of psychology are made familiar to enable self-care and the ability to recognise mental health difficulties in others.

Interdisciplinary learning takes place through interprofessional workshops and an immersive opportunity to study the global determinants of health and development with other schools at Trinity College Dublin.

Student Experience

Teaching will take place primarily in the hospital sites, combining lectures, demonstration, shadowing, simulated encounters and supervised practice.

An aspect of the module acquaints students from medicine, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, nursing, speech & language therapy, pharmacy, and human nutrition & dietetics to working in the multi-disciplinary team together to develop an interdisciplinary management plan for a specific type of patient case.

The Global Health Week allows students to develop a perspective on the health challenges, inequalities and differences between implementation of health systems in various countries.

Everyone who teaches clinical skills for TCD does an amazing job. I always feel superiorly trained when in an environment like NRH where many different schools are present.

IPL was fantastic.... this should run every couple of weeks throughout the year. One of the more enjoyable aspects of the course

I really enjoyed global health week and thought it was a fantastic idea.


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