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Molecular Mechanisms of Disease & Personalised Medicine

What's Involved?

Another new module for 2016/17, Molecular Mechanisms of Disease & Personalised Medicine reflects that through understanding the relationship between pathological and molecular basis of and processes in disease will enable a generation of graduates to improve diagnoses and therapies in cancer, cardiovascular, psychiatric and degenerative diseases.

Not only are principles of pathology, molecular and cellular biology imparted, but contemporary technologies and their application are discussed by leading researchers and educators in this area.

Student Experience

Students are immersed in these topics over a 6-week period after building a firm knowledge base in areas of biochemistry, physiology, anatomy, microbiology and immunology in previous studies. Lectures will focus on the scientific processes and then move onto focusing on specific pathologies. Case studies will be used. Textbooks and clinical and research publications will provide contemporary resources of study.


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