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Medicine, Health and Humanities

What's Involved?

This interdisciplinary field allows the exploration of medical education, medical culture and the human experience of health and illness. As one of the most positively received modules in the medical programme, students and practitioners critically investigate the big questions in medicine as well as the subtle dimensions of medical practice and the promotion of health and wellbeing.

The programme consists of Student Selected Modules (SSMs), designed to look critically and imaginatively at the practice of medicine. The courses offered are connected by the unifying themes of reflective practice and creative approaches to medicine. Refection is a key skill for the development of professionalism and personal well-being.

Student Experience

The SSMs provide students with the opportunity to engage with medicine on a range of outlooks, from that of the patient perspective to the global view. For some, it is an enjoyable experience or one where they can practise and develop specific skills.

Poetry is something that I have an affinity for and I enjoy both reading and writing it, however due to the demands of my work I had abandoned the hobby. The opportunity to combine it with medicine allowed me to enjoy poetry once more and I am really grateful for it.

After going through this, I realized that ... one can actually learn to appreciate other people by going through the experiences of others. This has helped me to be a more empathetic and thoughtful medical student.

For others, the experience is a useful and illuminating insight into future practice and/or an opportunity for the consideration of existing beliefs and testing them in alternative scenarios.

These attitudes provoke us as students to think of medicine differently, not simply as a clinical science, but with a more holistic perspective that incorporates medical practice with lifelong interests.

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