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Human Form & Function

What's Involved?

Integrating anatomy, physiology and histology, Human Form and Function illustrates that the human body operates as a whole and any changes will impact the overall health of a person. This module is the cornerstone for future clinical practice, enabling a deep understanding of the human body from the structural, cellular and organ perspectives.

Student Experience

White coats are worn from the first days of term in state of the art facilities supported by lecturers, technicians, and guest lecturers from surgery. Lectures, practicals and problem-based learning consistently link the science to the clinical context.

The importance of the involvement of community in their education and future work is embedded from the introduction to the remains of a donor in their orientation week. Medical students also begin to build rapport with other future professionals from Physiotherapy, Radiation Therapy, and Human Health and Disease courses.

It was extremely interesting, the timing of the different topics in anatomy and physiology were well planned and concurrent, and the lecturers were very good.

Allowed me to see the clinical anomalies in real-life situations.

Very hands on, allowed us to get a true feel for some of the topics.


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