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Evolution and Life

What's Involved?

A foundation in Biochemistry is furnished, introducing students to the molecular basis of life, the cellular metabolism determining human physiology, the pathological consequences of biochemical dysfunction and the fundamentals of genetics. Concurrent teaching in the topics of Human Form and Function promotes a holistic approach to clinical understanding and the topics prepare them for future subjects, such as Clinical Biochemistry, Immunology, Pharmacology and Molecular Medicine.

Student Experience

Leading researchers from the Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute deliver lectures with clinical relevance. Practicals take place in the 2nd semester to introduce students laboratory techniques and working with a partner. There are support tutorials available to students who may not have complete Biology or Chemistry at Leaving Certificate to ensure a firmer foundation in the basics of the course.

It presented interesting clinical context for all topics covered.

Relevant and interesting lecture topics, knowledgeable lecturers and relevant lab topics.


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