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R Grainger
Part-time Lecturer, Surgery

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Ahmad S, O'Kelly F, Manecksha RP, Cullen IM, Flynn RJ, McDermott TE, Grainger R, Thornhill JA, Survival after incidental prostate cancer diagnosis at transurethral resection of prostate: 10-year outcomes., Irish journal of medical science, 181, (1), 2012, p27-31 Journal Article, 2012

Manecksha RP, Cullen IM, Ahmad S, McNeill G, Flynn R, McDermott TE, Grainger R, Thornhill JA, Prospective Randomised Controlled Trial Comparing Trigone-Sparing versus Trigone-Including Intradetrusor Injection of AbobotulinumtoxinA for Refractory Idiopathic Detrusor Overactivity., European urology, 61, (5), 2012, p928-35 Journal Article, 2012

Cullen IM, Manecksha RP, McCullagh E, Ahmad S, O'Kelly F, Flynn RJ, McDermott T, Murphy P, Grainger R, Fennell JP, Thornhill JA, The changing pattern of antimicrobial resistance within 42 033 Escherichia coli isolates from nosocomial, community and urology patient-specific urinary tract infections, Dublin, 1999-2009., BJU international, 109, (8), 2012, p1198-206 Journal Article, 2012

Casey RG, Rea DJ, McDermott T, Grainger R, Butler M, Thornhill JA, Prostate cancer knowledge in Irish men., Journal of cancer education : the official journal of the American Association for Cancer Education, 27, (1), 2012, p120-31 Journal Article, 2012

Connolly SS, Daly PJ, Floyd MS, Collins IM, Grainger R, Thornhill JA, Terminology and details of the diagnostic process for testis cancer., The Journal of urology, 185, (3), 2011, p876-80 Journal Article, 2011

Stunell H, Grainger R, Torreggiani W, Traumatic parenchymal laceration in a horseshoe kidney., British journal of hospital medicine (London, England : 2005), 72, (3), 2011, p173 Journal Article, 2011

Thomas AZ, Carrol R, Manecksha RP, Thornhill JA, Grainger R, McDermott TE, Extended long term functional outcome of inflatable penile prosthesis in a single institution., Irish medical journal, 104, (2), 2011, p53-5 Journal Article, 2011

Connolly SS, O'Brien MF, Kunni IM, Phelan E, Conroy R, Thornhill JA, Grainger R, Is simple nephrectomy truly simple? Comparison with the radical alternative., Irish journal of medical science, 180, (1), 2011, p177-9 Journal Article, 2011

O'Kelly F, Manecksha RP, Cullen IM, McDermott TE, Flynn R, Grainger R, Electroejaculatory stimulation and its implications for male infertility in spinal cord injury: a short history through four decades of sperm retrieval (1975-2010)., Urology, 77, (6), 2011, p1349-52 Journal Article, 2011

Ahmad S, Manecksha RP, Cullen IM, Flynn RJ, McDermott TE, Grainger R, Thornhill JA, Estimation of clinically significant prostate volumes by digital rectal examination: a comparative prospective study., The Canadian journal of urology, 18, (6), 2011, p6025-30 Journal Article, 2011

McGuire C, Manecksha RP, Sheils P, McDermott TE, Grainger R, Flynn R, Electroejaculatory stimulation for male infertility secondary to spinal cord injury: the Irish experience in National Rehabilitation Hospital., Urology, 77, (1), 2011, p83-7 Journal Article, 2011

Ellanti P, Connolly SS, McDermott R, Crotty PL, Grainger R, Malignant priapism: a case report., Irish journal of medical science, 180, (4), 2011, p921-2 Journal Article, 2011

Ahmad S, Manecksha R, Hayes BD, Grainger R, Case report of a symptomatic giant renal oncocytoma., International journal of surgery case reports, 2, (6), 2011, p83-5 Journal Article, 2011

Casey RG, Grainger R, Butler M, McDermott TE, Thornhill JA, Scrotal signs and symptoms in the general population, the value of testis self-examination and the pitfalls of a scrotal screening programme: is the two-week rule relevant?, World journal of urology, 29, (3), 2011, p387-91 Journal Article, 2011

Casey RG, Grainger R, Butler MR, McDermott TE, Thornhill JA, Public awareness of testis cancer and the prevalence of testicular self-examination-changing patterns over 20 years., Urology, 76, (4), 2010, p915-8 Journal Article, 2010

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