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Dr Laure MarignolDr Laure Marignol

Research Summary

My research aims to generate new prognostic algorithms that detect patients at high risk of failure following radiation therapy, and design new therapeutic options that prevent tumour regrowth after radiotherapy. My research is mainly focused on high risk prostate cancer.

Our current research is investigating how miRNAs participate in prostate cancer radioresistance and evaluating their potential as novel predictors of radiotherapy treatment failure in high risk prostate cancer patients. For more information on this Irish Cancer Society-funded project, please view the Discipline of Radiation Therapy webpage.

Our research also focuses on the tumour microenvironment, as it is increasingly recognised as an important determinant of treatment outcome both through the deregulation of critical molecular pathway (e.g. Notch, DNA repair) and reduced efficacy of therapeutic agents. Within our research group we have previously characterized HIF-1 transcriptional control elements together with additional PSA promoter/enhancer elements to develop a prototypic suicide gene therapy programme. Furthermore we have demonstrated a cross talk between the hypoxia-dependent and the androgen-mediated molecular responses, and identified hypoxic regions in patient specimens. The aims of this research are to detect the tumor microenvironment in prostate cancer patients, investigate the relationship between tumour microenvironment and cellular behaviour and exploit this relationship to improve treatment outcomes.

For further about Dr Laure Marignol please view her CV Profile