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Dr Deirdre ConnollyDr Deirdre Connolly

Research Summary

The prevalence and incidence of chronic diseases is increasing in Ireland in both younger and older adults with a need to develop and evaluate community-based interventions from a health promotion perspective. My research therefore focuses on identifying factors that interfere with participation in self-care, work and leisure occupations (activities) for people with single and multiple chronic conditions. The underlying theories of this research are based on occupational identity and occupational participation and engagement. I have developed, and am evaluating, complex interventions for the management of chronic disease in primary care settings in the clinical areas of neurology, rheumatology and multi-morbidity. My research to date has resulted in the design of occupation-based, self-management programmes which have shown significant improvements in occupational participation, mood and self-efficacy. These programmes have been rolled out in primary care centres across Dublin and are being further evaluated.

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