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Dr Anthony RyanDr Anthony Ryan

Research Summary

The primary focus of our current research is the genetics of immunity and inflammation in atherosclerosis, a phenomenon which may lead to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, among others.

In collaboration with clinical researchers, we have performed analysis of cytokine expression in clinical samples, and established cell models to measure RNA and protein production by cardiac and immune cells, in response to stimulation by cytokines, oxidized phospholipids and shear stress. More recently, we have initiated studies on epigenetic modifications and their role in plaque development and instability.

The aim of these studies is to understand how genes and genetic variation of the immune system contribute to the initiation, development and ultimate instability of atherosclerotic plaque.

In addition to atherosclerosis, Dr Ryan has also been involved in studies on population genetics, coeliac disease, psoriasis and cancer.

Cardiac myoblast cells in culture

Cardiac myoblast cells in culture

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