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Student Profile

As I enter my Senior Sophister year, I find it hard to believe that I first walked through the doors of Trinity College almost four years ago. Time has most certainly flown but there were times when the course work was piled high, deadlines loomed and I, like many other students, thought that we would never see the end of the day let alone almost four years slipping by. It would be very misleading of me to say that the workload isn’t substantial and that the hours aren’t long because unfortunately, they are, particularly as you progress to the Sophister years. However, there is such a diverse range of subjects to be covered throughout the four years from basic Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Biochemistry in the Freshman years to Anatomy, Treatment Planning, Simulation and Principles and Practices of Cancer Care in the Sophister years that you are continually learning. But for all the long days and seemingly never-ending deadlines when you get out on clinical practice (in-built throughout the four years) and get to experience and participate in the technical aspects of the job, implementing your new found knowledge, it all becomes so worthwhile. I found that the greatest reward is in the people you meet while on placement; both the staff and the patients. The patients are so resilient and optimistic in the face of their illness. Clinical practice allows you to engage with them, you become part of their journey through one of the most difficult and possibly life changing illnesses and the satisfaction of knowing you helped them in that journey, for me, is second to none.
Sharon Kierce