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Claire Poole
Assistant Professor, Radiation Therapy


I am an assistant professor in the Discipline of Radiation Therapy. Prior to this I worked as a Radiation Therapist in London and Australia before returning to Ireland and working in Cork University Hospital.I have worked in the areas of treatment delivery, planning, simulation, verification and computed tomography at a basic,senior and an acting clinical specialist level.I combine my previous clinical experience with my academic role of Head of Clinical Education. I was given this title in 2010 and during this period I have shown leadership and innovation in the area of clinical education. I am responsible for the ongoing evaluation and promotion of accurate clinical education delivery and the maintenance of the highest professional standards of clinical assessors and graduating students.I have completed a postgraduate diploma and a research masters in clinical education. I have built up national and international links in the area and was recently awarded the ESTRO School pedagogic program AMEE grant. I am also a member of the National Practice Education Coordinators Network (PECNET) group that continuously liaises with the Health and Social Care Professions Education and Development Advisory group and the HSE to ensure equity and standards for all students on placement. I have also developed as a researcher and have published and presented at several conferences. I supervise undergraduate students' thesis's who have succeeded in getting their work published and presented internationally. I am now in the process of beginning my own PhD studies where I will investigate the barriers to optimal utilization of radiation therapy. I am a motivated radiation therapist and academic who aims to continue my commitment to the maintenance of professional standards and the optimal use of Radiation Therapy in the treatment of cancer.

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

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Non-Peer-Reviewed Publications

Claire Poole and Mary Coffey, Current and Future Trends in the Management of Gastrointestinal Cancers, 16th November 2013, Discipline of Radiation Therapy,Trinity for Health Sciences Meetings /Conferences Organised, TARA - Full Text

Research Expertise


One of my main research areas was based on setting standards/competencies within the field of Radiation Therapy. Competency within the profession and harmonisation of training for radiation therapists across Europe has been a core interest of mine. I have been actively involved in research in the area at a national level. My research has enabled me to work with the Health and Social Care Educaton and Development Advisory group, the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, the Irish Institute of Radiographers and Radiation Therapists to prodcue a postion paper, an education strategy, scope of practice guidelines for radiation therapists and to contribue to ongoing development in the area of edcation especially in the area of professional asessment. I have now also joined a working committee for the ESTRO school of paedogogy. Competent radiation therapists are specific trained professionals within the medical community that have an important role in the treatment of cancer patients. The training of radiation therapists is signifcantly different across Europe as is the utilisation of radiation therapy as a treatment modality. The first aim of my PhD is to investigate what are the barriers to RT utilisation following the ESTRO-HERO project which reported underutilisation of radiation therapy as a treatment modality. I expect to investigate barriers to assess from a patient/consumer perspective and ultimately see how these can be addressed.


  • Title
    • Core competencies and minimum standards for the final clinical placement of Radiation Therapy students in Ireland: Perspectives of experienced clinical radiation therapists.
  • Summary
    • In Ireland clinical radiation therapist work in a range of different radiotherapy departments and conduct student assessments. They are expected to assess students against a pre-determined list of criteria and make judgments on whether that student meets these competencies or not. The meaning given to criteria or how personal beliefs, values or expectations may influence their judgments is unknown. My research study aimed to explore their understanding of these factors and explore the concept of internalised standards and how they may influence judgments.
  • Date From
    • 2009
  • Date To
    • 2011





Member of the CORU Committee of Inquiry- professional conduct committee 06.09.2017

Invited member of the Clinical Education Advisory Group, Trinity College, Dublin 2017

Contributor to the National Form for enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education- work based assessment series 2016- 2017

Academic Assessor on the CORU Radiographers Registration Board Assessor Panel 2015-2017

Council Member of the Irish Institute Of Radiography and Radiotherapy 2012-2016

Representative of the IIRRT on the HSE's Health and Social Care Professions Advisory Group 2013-2016

Representative from academia to CORU for consultation on criteria and standards of proficiency for radiation therapist education and training programmes 2013

Primary co-ordinator and member of the Joint Working Group on Clinical Education Standards for Radiation Therapy. 2011

Academic advisor on the Radiation Therapy Qualification Review Board for the HSE. 2009-2012


ESTRO 2013-present

CORU- Registered Member 2014 – present

Practice Education Co-ordinators Network (PECNET) 2011 – present

Irish Network of Medical Educators (INMED) 2017 – present

Irish Institute of Radiography and Radiation Therapy (IIRRT) 2008 – present

European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology 2008 – 2010