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Lucy Whiston Lucy Whiston

Research Assistant
B.A. (Mod), MSc.

Contact Details
Public Health and Primary Care
Trinity College Centre for Health Sciences
Tallaght Hospital, Dublin 24, Ireland

t: + 353 1 8963737
f: + 353 1 4031211


Lucy Whiston joined the Department of Public Health and Primary Care in 2012 and is currently the Adelaide Research Assistant and a PhD student in the Department. Her background is in social policy, having completed an undergraduate degree in Sociology and Social Policy and a Masters in Applied Social Research, both in Trinity College. She is currently undertaking a PhD through the Irish Research Council Employment Based Postgraduate Degree Programme funded by the Adelaide Health Foundation and the Irish Research Council.

Research Interests

Patient and family participation in healthcare is the main focus of Lucy’s research at present. Other areas of interest include health policy and health services research, particularly chronic disease management and addiction. Lucy’s research employs both qualitative and quantitative methodologies. Her PhD aims to develop an intervention to encourage patient and family participation in healthcare in a medical and a mental healthcare setting. As the Adelaide Research Assistant Lucy has been involved in research on chronic disease management in Ireland and a health assets and needs assessment of Tallaght. Through the addiction research team in the department Lucy has worked on an RCT of brief interventions for alcohol and illicit substances in a methadone maintained cohort.


Teaching roles include assisting in the mentoring of students on placement within the department, including 2 nd year medical students completing research modules. She has also delivered lectures to medical interns within Tallaght Hospital.

Service to the college and community

Lucy has acted as a reviewer for a number of journals, including Substance Abuse Treatment, Prevention, and Policy. She is also involved in the Health Reform Alliance, a group of academic, charity and patient organisations working towards health reform.


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Darker C, Sweeney B, Keenan E, Whiston L, Anderson R, Barry J. Screening and Brief Intervention for illicit drug use and alcohol use in methadone maintained opiate dependent patients: Results of a randomised control trial feasibility study. In submission.

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Gilroy D, O'Brien S, Barry J, Ivers J-H, Whiston L, Keenan E, et al. Benzodiazepine use in a Methadone Maintained Opiate Dependent Cohort in Ireland. Heroin Addiction and Clinical Related Problems. 2014;16(2).

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