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Joe Barry, Professor

Professor Joe Barry

Chair of Population Health Medicine

Contact Details

Public Health and Primary Care
Trinity College Centre for Health Sciences
Tallaght Hospital, Dublin 24, Ireland

t: + 353 1 896 1087
f: + 353 1 403 1211


Professor Joe Barry has held the Chair of Population Health Medicine in Trinity College since 2009, having previously held the position of Senior Lecturer, with a concomitant post as Specialist/Consultant in Public Health in the Health Service Executive. 

Research Interests

Professor Barry takes a programmatic and thematic approach to research into problem substance use and addiction. The substances range from illicit drugs such as heroin and cocaine, prescribed medications such as methadone and benzodiazepines and also alcohol.  Poly drug use is examined.  The study designs include: cross sectional surveys, intervention studies, cohort studies, health outcome studies such as mortality and survival analysis, general health, social and economic impact studies, prevalence of use studies, behavioural and attitude studies, policy analysis, neuroscanning and Cochrane reviewing.  A mixture of quantitative and qualitative techniques is used.  All research findings have a publication strategy, which includes international peer-review submission and policy direction.


In addition to teaching commitments in Trinity College, Professor Barry has been a Trainer in the Faculty of Public Health Medicine since 1992.  This involves training doctors undergoing higher specialist training in public health medicine.  He has been an external examiner in the Department of Health Promotion in NUIG and in the Department of Public Health Medicine and Epidemiology at UCD; and is an external examiner for a Masters programme in the Queen’s University, Belfast.

Service to College and Community

Professor Barry served as head of Public Health & Primary Care from 2006 - 2012.  He acted as Interim Deputy Head of School during 2012 and is the School Director of Policy and Engagement and Interim Director of the Trinity Institute of Population Health, currently in planning.

He has served in various capacities on a variety of public bodies, both academic and professional.  He was Dean of the Faculty of Public Health Medicine of the RCPI for two consecutive terms, 1997 – 2002.

Recent Key Publications

C. Darker, B. Sweeney, H. El Hassan, A. Kelly, S. O' Connor, B. Smyth & J. Barry, Non-attendance at counselling therapy in cocaine-using methadone-maintained patients: lessons learnt from an abandoned randomised controlled trial, Irish Journal of Medical Sciences, 181, (1), 2012

C. Darker, B. Sweeney, H. El Hassan, A. Kelly, B. Smyth and J. Barry, Cognitive behavioural coping skills therapy in cocaine using methadone maintained patients: a pilot randomised controlled trial, Heroin Addiction & Related Clinical Problems, 14, (3), 2012, p101 - 110

Aoife Mullally, Brian J Cleary, Joe Barry, Tom P Fahey and Deirdre J Murphy, Prevalence, predictors and perinatal outcomes of peri-conceptional alcohol exposure-retrospective cohort study in an urban obstetric population in Ireland, BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth, 11, (27), 2011

Jan Klimas, Catherine Anne Field, Joe Barry, Gerard Bury, Eamon Keenan, Suzi Lyons, Bobby Smyth, Walter Cullen, Commentary on 'The research translation problem: Alcohol screening and brief intervention in primary care - real world evidence supports theory', Drugs: education, prevention and policy, Online, 2011, p1 - 3

Field CA, Klimas J, Barry J, Bury G, Keenan E, Lyons S, Smyth BP, Cullen W, Alcohol screening and brief intervention among drug users in primary care: a discussion paper, Irish journal of medical science, 2011

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