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Catherine Darker PhotoBrendan O'Shea

Assistant Adjuvant Professor in Public Health and Primary Care Medical Director at Kildare and West Wicklow Doctors on Call (K Doc) Principal in Practice at The Bridge Medical Centre, Newbridge, Co Kildare.

Contact Details
Department of Public Health and Primary Care Trinity College, Dublin
Trinity College, Dublin

t: + 353 1 8961087


Dr OShea lectures on Chronic Disease Management, End of Life Planning, Childhood Overweight and Professional Insight on the 4th Year Medical Curriculum at Trinity College. He is Chairman of The Research Impact and Evaluation Committee at SAGE (Support and Advocacy Service for Older People), and is a member of the RCPI Expert group on Obesity. He is on Council at The ICGP, and collaborates with The Irish Hospice Foundation on Think Ahead. Previously, he has been actively involved in GP Specialty Training (Assistant Programme Director 2005-2015), and has recently completed an MD in the area of Childhood Overweight, under the supervision of Prof Tom ODowd. He is on the Scientific Advisory Group for Growing up in Ireland, and on The National Advisory Committee at SAGE.

He is Principal in practice at The Bridge Medical Centre, Newbridge, and is on the Specialist Register for General Practice and Occupational Medicine.

Research Interests

Dr OSheas research interests include policy and innovative practice in the primary care setting, particularly in relation to prevention, chronic disease management, and end of life planning.

He has recently participated in an ICGP Workgroup, established to guide and advise The ICGP on its recent Policy Document (Beyond 2020 Statement of Strategy 2016-2021), with guidance largely based on close consultation and survey of ICGP members, and with reference to current research on service development.

Research interests are elaborated in publications listed below.


Dr O Shea lectures to 4th Year Medical Students on the undergraduate curriculum, and also examines in the Final Year Medical Examinations. He facilitates research with GP Specialist Registrars, and is actively involved with Postgraduate CME, facilitating the CME program at the Kildare Faculty of the ICGP and K Doc in Kildare. He has also resourced sessions reflecting his research interests at the Summer School and Scientific Meetings of the ICGP during the last several years.

Recent Publications

The prescribing of contraception and emergency contraception to girls aged less than 16. D McMahon, C Darker, B O Shea, M Taffe, T O' Dowd. Medico Legal Journal of Ireland vol 16, no 2, p 91-96.(2010)

General Practitioners experiences in Dietary Counseling; poor access to Dietetic Services. S Floyd, B O Shea, C Darker 2011 Irish Medical Journal, (letter) vol 104, no 2, accessed 20.3.11.

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New Developments in Service Delivery. Are GP Led Sexual Health Clinics Acceptable and Satisfactory for Patients Attending ? S Duffy, C Darker, B OShea, T Conlon, B Hollywood. IMJ (2011) 104,3 p 71-73

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A national survey of chronic disease management by Irish Consultants (Report) 2014 Darker C, Bergin C, Walsh G, O Shea B. Published by RCPI / Adelaide Society / RCPI.

A national survey of chronic disease management by Irish Practice Nurses (Report) 2015 Whiston L, Collins C, Ryan K, O Shea B. Published by ICGP / Adelaide Society.

A survey of chronic disease management by Patients with complex comorbidities (Report) 2015 Whiston L, Seraukina T, Casey E, Darker C, O Shea B. Published by ICGP / Adelaide Society.

Are we ready to Think Ahead ? Acceptability study using an innovative end of life planning tool. O Shea B, Brennan B, Martin D, Bailey O, McElwee O, Darker C, 2014, IMJ Vol 107, No 5, p 138-140.

Developing the General Practice Orderly role; results from a feasibility study by The Kildare Faculty of the ICGP 2014 Report presented to Council ICGP. Kearney M, Kennedy M, Devine C, O Shea B.

Results of a full audit cycle in the GP out of hours setting; who complains, why, and what can we do about it ? Barragry R, Varadkar L, O Dowd T, O Shea B. (Submitted Biomed Central, 2015).

The race we dont want to win; tacking Irelands obesity epidemic. RCPI, August 2014, Report of the RCPI Policy Group on obesity, Dublin.

Towards realistic and flexible Advance Care Planning. O Shea B, King G, McGuiness C, Smith D, 2014, IMJ Vol 107, p 299.

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Methadone-maintained patients in primary care have higher rates of chronic disease and multimorbidity, and use health services more intensively than matched controls. 2014. O Toole J, Hambly R, Cox AM, O Shea B, Darker C, EJGP vol 20, no 4, p 275-280 (doi:10.3109/13814788.905912)

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Patient perceptions and acceptability of therapeutic switching within The National Preferred Drugs Scheme in Ireland. O'Connor G, O'Keeffe D, Darker C, O'Shea B (Submitted IJMS 2016)

Self weighing habits among patients attending general practice in Ireland. Crickmer M, Shannon ER, OShea B (In press IMJ 2016)

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