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Moderatorship in Physiology

Entry to the Sophister programme in Physiology is highly competitive, as a maximum of only 18 places are available.


To enter the Junior Sophister (third year) programme, internal students of the University of Dublin must have successfully completed the Senior Freshman courses in Biology I and Biology II. Places are awarded competitively on the basis of the results of Senior Freshman examinations.

Course Outline

Students taking the Senior Freshman biology courses are introduced to the basic physiology of the main body organs comprising the nervous (brain and spinal cord), cardiovascular (blood circulation), respiratory (lungs), gastrointestinal (digestion), excretory (kidneys) and endocrine (hormones) systems.

Courses in the Sophister years build on this foundation to provide a detailed understanding of cellular, organ and whole-body function, together with training in scientific methodology, experimental design, data analysis and resource skills. Over the second half of the Senior Sophister (fourth) year, each student undertakes an individual research project under the direction of a staff member. These projects may be based within the Department or in one of the associated hospital departments and include a literature survey and production of a written dissertation.


Assessment within the Sophister programme is by a combination of in-course evaluation and formal examination. Final assessment at the end of the Senior Sophister year includes viva voce examination by an external examiner.

Information and Policy Documents

A full list of current information and policy documents is available here.

Course Structure

The Course structure of the Moderatorship in Physiology is fully described here.


A list of alumni is available here.

Course Handbooks

You may download the current handbook in PDF format using the links below.

SS Handbook 15/16 

JS Handbook 15/16


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