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Professor Marina Lynch

Web: Research Support System Profile
Tel: +353 (0)1 896 8531

Funding Body: SFI PI award (15/IA/30524)  €1,380,245.00 

Title of Grant: Targeting glial plasticity to alleviate age-related loss of neuronal function in Alzheimer's disease


  1. To identify novel markers, focussing on metabolic changes, which reflect microglial activation and their associated functional state.
  2. To establish whether the loss of glial plasticity correlates with a shift in cell metabolism that impacts on synaptic density and thereby on synaptic function.
  3. To assess the potential beneficial effects of 4 strategies that are designed to reprogramme glia.

Current projects are as follows:

  1. Analysis of the role of TLR2 activation in driving inflammation and the impact of decreasing activation on cognitive function, glial activation and amyloid pathology in APP/PS1 mice.
  2. Investigation of the effects of a small molecule inhibitor of the NLRP3 inflammasome on glial and neuronal function in APP/PS1 mice.
  3. Assessment of the impact of infiltrating IFNg-producing peripheral cells on neuroinflammation and investigation of consequences of inhibiting cell infiltration by FTY720.
  4. Investigation of the role of SLAM (Signalling lymphocyte activation molecule) on microglial function.
  5. Identification of the metabolic and functional signatures of different microglial phenotypes.