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Student Centred Learning - Second Med Pharmacology

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Basic Principles Basic Principles image
Autonomic Pharmacology Autonomic Pharmacology image
Cardiovascular Pharmacology Cardiovascular Pharmacology image
Endocrine image
Immune Pharmacology Immune Pharmacology image
GI Pharmacology GI Pharmacology image
Chemotherapy Chemotherapy image
Toxicology Toxicology image
Introduction to Clinical Pharmacology Introduction to Clinical Pharmacology image

How to...

1. Use these quizzes as study or revision aids. To select a topic area click on the corresponding image.

2. They can be used at any time throughtout the year, and may be taken as often as you wish.

3. These quizzes are set by students, so submitting YOUR questions to the database will aid in YOUR revision. Be pro-active in your learning!

4. Your performance will be automatically returned at the end of the quiz, so you can target areas of deficiency for further study. THEY ARE NOT PART OF THE FORMAL ASSESSMENT.

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