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Taught Postgraduates Courses

There are 2 taught postgraduate courses

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Pharmaceutical Medicine and
  • MSc courses in Pharmaceutical Medicine

These established courses, which are organised by the Discipline of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, have been designed to improve the knowledge and skills of healthcare professionals in the area of pharmaceutical medicine.  They provides comprehensive information to enable students acquire a proper understanding of each topic covered in the course. They looks at each topic from a European and international perspective and therefore is designed to cater for the needs of EU and non-EU students.

The courses are part-time and consist of 12 mandatory modules undertaken over 2 years. In addition the MSc students must undertake a research project and submit a dissertation at the end of the second year.

The courses are aimed at the broad range of professionals working in the pharmaceutical healthcare area. The module content is in line with the current syllabus of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine (Royal College of Physicians of the United Kingdom) and the course has been accredited by IFAPP (International Federation of Associations of Pharmaceutical Physicians). In addition, Trinity was one of the partners in PharmaTrain (the EU funded Innovative Medicines Initiative) and the course content is compliant with the PharmaTrain syllabus.

The courses have been accredited by PharmaTrain and Trinity has been designated as a PharmaTrain Centre of Excellence for pharmaceutical medicine training.

Last updated 21 September 2016 (Email).