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PROSPER: PaediatRic Otcomes and Serum biomarker Panel in acutE traumatic bRain injury /concussion to severe traumatic brain injury (2017-20)

Supervisors: by Prof Molloy and Dr. Turlough Bolger.

Collaborators: Dr. Stan Koe, Dr. Ciara Martin, Dr. David Webb, Dr. John McHugh, Dr. Roisin McNamara, Dr. Ike Ofakor, Mr. John Caird & Mr. Darrach Crimmins, Dr Veronica O'Keane, Dr. Carol Blackburn, Dr. Michael Barrett & Dr. Sean Walsh, Dr. Aisling Snow, Prof. Cathal Moran, Prof. Arun Bodke , Prof. Jim Meaney, Prof Louise Gallagher

PhD student: Dr. Emer Ryan

Insitutions: CUH, Tallaght, OLCH, NMH, TCD

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is more common in childhood and adolescence than at any other time of life and is one of the most common causes of neurological morbidity and includes concussion. Post concussion syndrome (PCS) combines clinical, cognitive and behavioral symptoms and occurs in one in seven school children sustaining an TBI for three months or longer and is associated with persistent inflammation. At present there are no evidence-based clinical guidelines or accurate early tests to predict PCS in children. We aim to prospectively evaluate novel clinical and biochemical markers neurocognitive function at presentation in the Emergency department and at 6 weeks in children presenting with TBI. We will study the evolution of systemic inflammation associated with traumatic brain injury and correlate with neurocognitive and neuroimaging outcomes. In addition a subgroup of children with TBI and age-matched controls will have 3T MRI performed in SJH by a specialized team with expertise in functional MRI. To complement this project we will retrospectively review the records of children with TBI admitted to the Dublin EDs over a 2 year period to quantify the number of cases with moderate, mild and severe symptoms as well as PCS. Children with severe TBI will be recruited from CUH, which will allow validation of biomarkers and neuroimaging using a spectrum of mild to severe TBI. Finally the group will provide an educational module on the management, assessment and followup of children with TBI. This project will commence in 2017 and is funded by NCHF.

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