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CHAMPION Study: Childhood Followup of Multiple organ dysfunction after Neonatal encephalopathy : (2014-7)

PI: E Molloy and D McDonald

Collaborators: D Sweetman, B.ElNazir, D.Coughlan, S.Quinn, C.Mc Donnell, D.Webb, J.Murphy, C.McMahon, O.Franklin,O.Smith,B.Nolan,E.Crushell,V.Donoghue, M.Riordran

Funding: NCH foundation

PhD student: Z.Zareen
Postdoc: V McEneaney

Perinatal global hypoxia ischaemia is associated with neonatal encephalopathy and results in multi-organ dysfunction. Early multi organ dysfunction in neonates with encephalopathy may persist in later childhood, therefore multi-organ and neurodevelopmental follow up studies are required to ensure complete resolution and avoid complications in later childhood. Predictions about long term outcomes following NE are improving both qualitatively and quantitatively. Better insight into multi organ dysfunction post NE can be gained by using novel biomarkers and new diagnostic tools. Further research with multidisciplinary involvement can provide better predictive data and contribute to improved prognosis. In addition, to gain insight into the long-term effects neurodevelopmental effects of NE, follow-up is required throughout the school age as specific cognitive functions continue to develop throughout childhood

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