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Structure of the Course

The course extends over four years. Both the academic and fieldwork hours are in keeping with the minimum hours as laid down by the World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT).
Structurally, the course is divided into four primary components: basic and human sciences; clinical sciences; occupational therapy studies; and fieldwork.

Course Design

The course, by design, provides an educational experience which helps students develop robust skills for clinical practice. Integration between academic studies and professional fieldwork is supported by close liaison between fieldwork and college staff. Importantly, the course emphasises a research-oriented approach to practice where students learn how to critically evaluate their practice.

Aims of the Course

The overall aim of the course is to produce a graduate who has the skills, knowledge and attitudes to be competent to practice as an occupational therapist. Competency will be demonstrated by the ability to:

  • Follow an occupational therapy process in intervening with clients who have a variety of occupational needs; demonstrate an approach to practice that is context sensitive.
  • Show an in-depth knowledge of the person as an occupational being; have an understanding of the person-occupation-environment and how all three of these components impact on health.
  • Understand, reflect on, analyse, and evaluate practice; make decisions grounded in ethical practice; use an evidenced-based approach and apply critical reasoning skills in practice.
  • Establish therapeutic and professional relationships with clients, clients’ significant others, colleagues and other agents whilst working independently or as part of a team.
  • Provide a client-centred service that is sensitive to the social, organisational and legislative domains of practice.
  • Take a self-directed approach to personal and professional development


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