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Mature Students

For mature students who wish to apply to the Occupational Therapy undergraduate course, please contact the Mature Students Office in TCD for admission details.  

As general advice for those applying, please consider the following:

  • Your understanding and knowledge of the occupational therapy profession
  • Your work experience in the healthcare sector
  • Your engagement with professional and practice-based courses
  • Your volunteer work in occupational therapy and/or occupational therapy related services
  • Your preparedness to meet the demands of university-based fulltime education
The Discipline of Occupational Therapy will shortlist candidates based on the quality of their application and then interview candidates for the allocated places. Consideration is given by assessors to the following:

  • The applicant’s work experience in areas related to occupational therapy. Where work experience is unrelated, evidence of voluntary-based work in occupational therapy or of shadowing occupational therapists in the clinical setting, is desirable.
  • The applicant’s perspective on the transferability of his/her core skills to occupational therapy.
  • The applicant’s preparedness to meet the academic demands of a full-time degree course (e.g. courses undertaken in order to prepare for the academic demands of third-level education).

Last updated 23 January 2017 Occupational Therapy (Email).