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MSc and PhD

The Discipline of Occupational Therapy welcomes applications from students interested in pursuing a Masters (MSc) or Doctoral degree (PhD) by research. Candidates will normally be required to have an honours degree in Occupational Therapy or a relevant Masters qualification. A number of staff in the Discipline of Occupational Therapy work in interdisciplinary contexts, and students from other disciplines and fields are also very welcome. Students with an honours degree in a discipline or field other than occupational therapy are accepted if they are seeking to conduct research in domains of academic interest to staff and/or use research methodologies in which staff have relevant expertise.

There are opportunities available to students to gain funding in the pursuit of a research degree. The Discipline of Occupational Therapy offers support to suitable candidates who seek funding for their research.

Masters through Research only (MSc)
Candidates may obtain a Masters degree through research alone, under the supervision of a staff member of the discipline. The average duration of an MSc is usually 1-2 years fulltime or 2-3 years part-time. There is no taught element to this degree. However, students are encouraged to attend courses on research methods and statistics. In addition to the support of their supervisor, students will receive an induction programme and attend research seminars.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
To gain a PhD, the student must complete a substantial, independent and original piece of research under the supervision and support of a staff member of the discipline. The average duration of a PhD is usually 3-4 years fulltime, or 5-6 years part-time. During a PhD, students attend courses and seminars on research methods.

Please refer to the Trinity College postgraduate website for information on how to apply for postgraduate study.


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