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Masters in Occupational Therapy (MSc)


The main aim of the course is to advance the link between the theory and practice of Occupational Therapy. To promote reflective and evidence based practice and to develop research skills through the undertaking of an empirical research project. The course is offered on a two-year part time basis, students attend three days a month from October to June.

Course Content

Over the course of the two years students study six subject areas, three core modules and three elective modules. Students are expected to engage in substantial reading and guided independent/self-directed study in between these contact hours. Assessment in the first year involves both assignments and end of year examinations.

In year two, in addition to the taught modules, substantial contact time is devoted to support of the development of a research plan and the completion of a research dissertation on a topic of the students choice. Assessment in year two involves both assignments and the submission of the research dissertation. The dissertation is submitted in the September of year two.

Core Modules studied in the first year of the course include

  • Occupational Therapy theory and evidence for practice
  • Research methods and statistics
  • Independent study unit where the student engages in guided independent study on a selected area of Occupational Therapy theory/practice of special interest.

Elective Modules

Students also take three elective courses from a range including Social Policy, Health Psychology, Health Service Management, and Professional Development. Modules will be developed taking into account the background and need of the candidates.

Fees and Admissions

Applications for this course should be made online through

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