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The outcome of workpackage 4 in the JobNut project was the production of e-learning materials for education and training in public health nutrition intervention management. These materials are listed below.

Module 1 - Intelligence

Unit No. Download PDF Download Powerpoint
1 Community Engagement (PDF 1006 kB) Community Engagement (PPT 1.37 Mb)
2 Problem Analysis (PDF 595kB) Problem Analysis (PPT 1.3 Mb)
3 Stakeholder Analysis (PDF 1001 kB) Stakeholder Analysis (PPT 1.42 Mb)
4 Determinant Analysis (PDF 931kB) Determinant Analysis (PPT 1.28 Mb)
5 Capacity Assessment (PDF 1004 kB) Capacity Assessment (PPT 1.34 Mb)
6 Mandates for Action (PDF 912 kB) Mandates for Action (PPT 1.33 Mb)
7 Intervention Research (PDF 956 kB) Intervention Research (PPT 1.37 Mb)
8 Risk Management (PDF 815 kB) Risk Management (PPT 1.48 Mb)
All Intelligence Module (zip 6.88Mb) Intelligence Module (zip 6.97 Mb)

Module 2 - Action

Unit No. Download PDF Download Powerpoint
9 Writing Action Statements (PDF 1012 kb) Writing Action Statements (PPT 1.33Mb)
10 Logic Modelling (PDF 1002 kB) Logic Modelling (PPT 1.51 Mb)
11 Implementation Planning (PDF 1.02 Mb) Implementation Planning (PPT 1.41 Mb)
12 Implementation and Monitoring (PDF 778 kB) Implementation and Monitoring (PPT 1.33Mb)
All Action Module(zip 4.08Mb) Action Module(zip 3.55 Mb)


Module 3 - Evaluation

Unit No. Download PDF Download Powerpoint
13 Process Evaluation (PDF 765 kB) Process Evaluation (PPT 1.27Mb)
14 Impact and Outcome Evaluation (PDF 924 kB) Impact and Outcome Evaluation (PPT 2 Mb)
15 Evaluating capacity gains (PDF 880 kB) Evaluating capacity gains (PPT 1.23 Mb)
16 Economic Evaluation (PDF 736kB) Economic Evaluation (PPT 1.97 Mb)
17 Valorisation (PDF 777 kB) Valorisation (PPT 2.13 Mb)
All Evaluation Module(zip 4.02 Mb) Evaluation Module(zip 5.51 Mb)

Educators Guide (PDF 880 kB)

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