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Translational Research

Translational Research ImageNeurodevelopmental disorders, including autism and schizophrenia, impair brain function and lead to behavioral, social and cognitive impairments. Recent advances in our ability to study the human genome have prompted significant research breakthroughs, including by researchers at the Neuropsychiatric Genetics Lab at TCD, in identifying susceptibility genes for autism and schizophrenia. Although there have been substantial progress in understanding the genetics of these disorders, their neurobiology remains obscure.

In the translational research lab, we study the biological function of susceptibility genes for neurodevelopmental disorders identified with genetic screens. These genes can be studied in vitro and in vivo using transgenic animals. These models play a critical role in helping to understand the neurobiology that leads to the expression of neurodevelopmental disorders, for improving diagnosis and leading to new treatments.


Dept. of Brain and Cognitive Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge MA USA.


Marie Curie IRG 248284. Researcher Dr. Daniela Tropea

Lead Researcher: Dr Daniela Tropea, Lecturer in functional genomics

Research Assistant: Dr Ines Molinos

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