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You will find here sections on some of the common protocols used in our lab in addition to talks and demonstrations of some bioinformatics methods.

- GmailFS program (ZIP 147 kB)

- Download a video of what to do (AVI 74.23 MB)


Bioinformatics educational talks

(1) Bioinformatics techniques COD+EK Nov07.ppt (nov '07) (PPT 363 kB)

- DEMO: get_HapMap_SNPs

- DEMO: get_HM_SNPs_vs_HaploView

- DEMO: ld_expander

- DEMO: stata_on_WGA

- DEMO: tk_notebook

- DEMO: tk_notebook_searching

- DEMO: vim - command line text editing

(2) STATA_BC_PLINK.RJLA.NOV2007.ppt (nov '07) (PPT 3.77 MB)

- talk and (ZIP 4.34 MB)



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