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Mercer's Institute for Research on Ageing (MIRA)

Mercer’s Institute for Research on Ageing (MIRA) represents the research function of the Medicine for the Elderly Directorate, St. James’s Hospital. Founded in 1987 MIRA grew out of the need for an established MISAof excellence for the research, care and rehabilitation of the older person. Sponsored by the Mercer’s Hospital Board, MIRA has gained a national and international reputation as a ground breaking research institute whose primary goal is to enhance the health and care of the older person in both home and care settings, as well as research and determine innovative responses to the ageing process.
A secondary, but also very important objective of MIRA is to both provide and support training and educational services around ageing and associated issues, with a particular emphasis on the concept of ‘successful ageing’. Through the sponsorship of seminars, conferences, study days and other meetings, Mercer’s Institute for Research on Ageing has gained a strong reputation as an advocate for the understanding of ageing, both clinical and societal, and it's issues and implications. There is also a strong awareness of the need to communicate research findings as a means of improving public awareness, practice and policy around ageing and the older person.

A strong culture of collaboration exists within the institute among all researchers. Its significant track record in educating and training health professionals to the highest standards in research and clinical practice has resulted in a robust network of researchers both at home and abroad. Strong partnerships with Old Age Psychiatry at St James’s Hospital as well as many other multi disciplinary departments in both clinical and academia settings also exist.

M.I.R.A. also provides clinical research services in bone health, falls and blackout, cognition and stroke providing expert diagnosis, intervention and support for the patient.

MIRA will continue to house reserach activities within the new Mercers Institute for Successful Ageing- MISA.

Last updated 21 September 2016 Medical Gerontology (Email).