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Master / Postgraduate Diploma in Medicine


These postgraduate courses in medicine are aimed at medical graduates in training who wish to develop their research skills, broaden their research interests, and develop advanced knowledge in selected areas of clinical and scientific practice. The proposed courses will offer an opportunity for those entering higher medical training to develop good research practices in advance of undertaking an MD or PhD. In addition, they will also provide an opportunity for those not intending to complete higher medical training to undertake a period of formal academic activity and acquire formal (postgraduate level) recognition of these activities.

A substantial amount of postgraduate medical training takes place in university teaching hospitals; however trainees have few opportunities to maximise integration with the university environment to progress their training needs. In addition postgraduate training incorporates very little time for research. It is vital that trainees are equipped with an ethos of enquiry-led practice and research skills from the earliest possible postgraduate period in order to maximise their potential research output.

In order to exploit the potential return from training activities to the Irish healthcare system, postgraduate scholarship should relate directly to the domains of learning that inform life-long professional competence and continuing education.  These include Scholarship, Patient Safety and Quality of Care, Management including Self Management, Clinical skills, Professionalism, Communication and Interpersonal Skills.    

Course Director: Professor Martina Hennessy
Course Co-ordinator: Professor Mary Teeling

Master in Medicine

Postgraduate Diploma in Medicine

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