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Staff Expenses Reimbursement Forms

There are separate forms for Staff Reimbursement Claims and Non-Staff Payment Requisitions and appropriate notes and instructions can be found with the links to these forms. In respect of both forms, a "Detailed Analysis of Expenditure" sheet must be used to list/identify all expenses incurred. The total from this form should then be transcribed and coded onto the front sheet of the claim.

Staff Reimbursements

Staff Reimbursement Form

All Staff reimbursements are paid in Irish Euro and are made on a weekly basis with payments / Bank Transfers being made on a Friday in respect of claim forms received in the Treasurer's Office by 12.30pm on Tuesday. Staff who receive their pay electronically will also receive their reimbursements electronically. Please Note, it takes maximum three working days for the payment to be credited to your bank account

Non-Staff Payment Requisitions

Irish Non-Staff Payment Requistion Form

Foreign Non-Staff Payment Requistion Form (e.g. External Examiners, Students, One-Off Lecturers, interview panel members etc.)

Payments in Irish Euro are made on a weekly basis according to the same timescale for Staff Reimbursements above. Payments in Non-Irish Euro / foreign currencies are made on a twice-monthly basis according to the same timescales as our suppliers. To meet the cheque run deadlines, all payment requisition forms should be received as per the deadline dates published by Accounts Payable.