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School Executive


The School Executive is the Principle decision making body in the School of Medicine. The Executive meets regularly, and is highly representative. The School Executive is informed by and receives reports from its members and the School committees as outlined in the School Committee Organogram. The Organogram outlines formally how the Executive and Committees report to, advise, inform or direct.


1.1 Head of School (chair) 
1.2 Director of Teaching and Learning (Undergraduate) 
1.3 Director of Teaching and Learning (Postgraduate) 
1.4 Director of Research
1.5 Director of Global Affairs
1.6 Director of Health Policy and Engagement
1.6 Director of the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) Programme
1.7 Heads of Discipline
1.8 Student representatives: one undergraduate and one postgraduate representative 
1.9 Director of the Clinical Research Facility
1.10 Director of TTMI
1.11 Director of Aging Research
1.12 Director of Health and Safety

In attendance:- School Manager (Secretary to the Executive), School Human Resources Administrator, School Financial Advisor

Terms of Reference

  1. To support the Head of School in the management and co-ordination of all the School's activities. 
  2. To support the Head of School in preparing and reviewing the School's academic strategy and the associated academic and financial plans, including review and sign-off of longer-term proposals. 
  3. To support the Head of School in fostering the development of academic policy and initiatives in the context of the long-term strategies of the School and the College. 
  4. To foster and promote inter-disciplinarity within the School and with other Schools. 
  5. To engage with external stakeholders (including accrediting bodies), as appropriate. 
  6. To oversee the preparation of self-assessment documentation associated with quality reviews and to ensure follow-up action is taken. 
  7. To support and manage fund-raising activities. 

Meetings of Executive Committee

  1. The Executive Committee shall meet on a monthly basis during term time or as required by the Head of School. 
  2. Dates of meetings for the year will be circulated early in the Michaelmas Term. Additional meetings may be scheduled as required. 
  3. Members of the Executive should receive an agenda, papers and minutes of the previous meeting at least three working days in advance of the meeting. 
  4. The Head of School will chair meetings of the Executive Committee and the School Administrator will act as secretary. 
  5. The quorum for meetings of the Executive Committee shall be at least half of the members of the committee from Section 1.1 to 1.6 and from 1.8 to 1.12 above, and one third of the members under 1.7

Membership List 2018/19

Professor Michael Gill (Chair)
Prof Louise Gallagher (Research Director)
Prof Stephen Smith (Director of Postgraduate Teaching and Learning)
Professor Joseph Harbison (Director of Undergraduate Teaching and Learning)
Professor Nicholas Mahony (Head of Anatomy)
Professor Tom Rogers (Head of Clinical Microbiology)
Professor Paul Browne (Head of Haematology)
Professor John O’Leary (Head of Histopathology)
Dr Derek Doherty (Head of Immunology)
Professor Joseph Harbison (Head of Gerontology)
Professor Deirdre Murphy (Head of Obstretrics and Gynaecology)
Dr Tadhg Stapleton (Head of Occupational Therapy)
Professor Eleanor Molloy (Head of Paediatrics)
Professor Michael Barry (Head of Pharmacology and Therapeutics)
Professor Maeve Caldwell (Head of Physiology)
Dr John Gormley, Head of Physiotherapy
Professor Michelle Leech (Head of Radiation Therapy)
Professor Kevin Conlon (Chair Surgery, TUH)
Professor John Reynolds (Chair Surgery, SJH)
Professor Joe Barry (Head of Public Health and Primar Care)
Professor Aiden Corvin (Head Psychiatry)
Professor John O’Leary (Head of Histopathology)
Mr Alex McKee (School Administrator)
Ms Jane Healy Walsh (Financial Advisor)
Ms Ethna O'Keeffe (Administrative Officer) – in attendance
Undergraduate Convenor
Postgraduate Rep