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Research Ethics Committee

Overview of Research Ethics Review

All members of staff or students undertaking research should do so with cognisance of the Trinity College Guidelines for Good Research Practice  no matter what their research project entails.

If your project involves the recruitment of students from the School of Medicine, a letter of support, must be sought from the Associate Director of Undergraduate Teaching and Learning in the School of Medicine before making an application to any research ethics committee. To seek such a letter please email a brief outline of your study and a copy of your application to: : Director of Undergraduate Teaching & Learning for School of Medicine

Research Ethics Committees & Process

Level 1 School of Medicine Research Ethics Application for Review
The School of Medicine Research Ethics Committee reviews applications from staff and students from the School of Medicine TCD. These applications must match the Level 1 Research Ethics criteria as set out here: Criteria for Research Ethics Committees (2014) (PDF 119 kB)

If your study does not meet the Level 1 Research Ethics criteria, you must apply to the relevant Research Ethics Committee listed below;

Level 2 Research Ethics Applications for Review
All research ethics applications matching the Level 2 criteria must be submitted to the Faculty Research Ethics Committee.

Animal Research Ethics Applications
All research ethics applications involving animals must be approved by the TCD Bioresource Research Ethics Committee Email:

Hospital Research Ethics Applications
Any patient related research being undertaken on the St James/ Tallaght hospital site which requires ethical approval requires a submission to be made via Joint Research Ethics Committee (JREC):

Should you be unsure of whether your application meets the criteria for the School of Medicine Level 1 Committee review please send an email to providing a short description of the research you wish to undertake, and advice will be provided.


Application Process for School of Medicine Research Ethics Committee

*Please note that all applications from September 2016 to School of Medicine Research Ethics committee are to be made via the online ethics application system detailed below*

Step 1: Register with the online system

If this is your first time submitting an application, register with our online submission system here.

Step 2: Complete the appropriate application form

  • Please download the appropriate application form and save it on to your computer
    • Use this form if your study is an anonymous online survey
    • Use this form for any other type of study
  • Please complete all the required sections on the form
  • Please save the completed form in the following format only.

[ApplicantnameMonthYear] and as a PDF file. e.g. MaryByrneMay2015.pdf

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please read the Guidance Notes (PDF 441 kB) , Appendices (Word 26 kB) and the Module Evaluation-Study design Guidelines (PDF 111kB) before completing the application form below.
A common reason for requesting amendments to applications is due to the application form not being completed properly.

Step 3: Submit your application online:

  • The application must be printed by the applicant and signed by the supervisor as listed. The file must be submitted via the online ethics application system here before 5pm on the relevant deadline date.
  • The submission is sent to the Academic Supervisor/lead researcher via the online application system for approval before it can be submitted to the Research Ethics Committee. If this is their first time using the online system, they will need to register as a new user. Please read the online system Academic Supervisor/lead researcher user manual here  


  • Any application not meeting the deadline for submission will be automatically rejected
  • A cap on the number of applications to be reviewed at any meeting will be 10
  • All applications therefore will be marked with time and date on receipt (via online submission)


  • It is essential that applicants carry out their research study exactly as indicated on the application as approved by the School of Medicine Research Ethics Committee.
  • If any new information comes to light after ethical approval has been received and the study cannot be carried out using the methods as per the approved application, you must contact the School of Medicine Research Ethics Committee to seek approval for any subsequent amendments as necessary, until approval is granted your study must be suspended.

School of Medicine Research Ethics Committee deadlines and meeting dates

Online Submission


Thursday 6th September 2018
Thursday 4th October 2018
Thursday 8th November 2018
Thursday 29th November 2018
Thursday 10th January 2019
Thursday 7th February 2019
Thursday 7th March 2019
Thursday 4th April 2019
Thursday 2nd May 2019
Thursday 6th June 2019
**No Meeting in July & August

Wednesday 19th September 2018
Wednesday 17th October 2018
Wednesday 21st November 2018
Wednesday 12th December 2018
Wednesday 23rd January 2019
Wednesday 20th February 2019
Wednesday 20th March 2019
Wednesday 17th April 2019
Wednesday 15th May 2019
Wednesday 19th June 2019


Decision Process for School of Medicine Research Ethics Committee

  • Each applicant / supervisor will receive notification stating the decision as per the School of Medicine Research Ethics Committee within 5 working days after the Meeting.
  • Each applicant will be provided with sufficient time to submit any amendments to their application, but this time should not exceed a period of one calendar month.
  • Amendments are submitted electronically, using the same application number, via the online ethics application system here.
  • An amendment queue system will operate, applicants should note that when they send amendments to their application, they will be placed in a queue and will be reviewed as soon as possible, but this process is likely to be twice a week.

Failure of an applicant to adhere to the re-submission timeframe of 30 days may incur a penalty whereby the application may expire and may need to be re-submitted.


Amendments to Approved Studies

If you need to make amendments to an approved application, you will need to create a new application on the REC online application system. 

We ask that you: 

(1) Precede your study title with the mention: **Amendment request**
(2) Complete and upload this form (MS Word 20 kB).
(3) Upload a copy of your original ethics application form with the requested amendments highlighted in red.


Reporting on Approved Studies

Approved research projects must submit an annual report for ongoing projects and an end of project report upon completion of the study

Annual Reports
Any research project that is ongoing for more than 12 months will require the submission of an Annual Report to the School of Medicine REC Chair confirming that the project still adheres to the protocol approved by the School of Medicine REC.

End of project reporting
Applicants should complete the end of project report upon completion of their approved project.

These reports should be submitted by email to

School of Medicine Research Ethics Committee Contact

For all queries related to your application to the School of Medicine Research Ethics Committee, please email