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School of Medicine Research Committee

Committee Agenda and Minutes


Director of Research (Chair)
One representative from each Therapy School
One representative from each of the main strategic research themes (currently, Cancer, Genetics, Immunology & Infection, Molecular Medicine, Neurosciences, Population Health)
One representative from cross-disciplinary research
School Research Administrator (Secretary)
Other school/hospital/college/research centre staff shall attend meetings, by invitation, for specific agenda items.
Members, as appointed by the Director of Research, will normally serve a term of 3 years. This term may be renewed, in certain circumstances, on the recommendation of the Director of Research.


The main functions of the School of Medicine Research Committee are:

  1.  To assist the Head of School of Medicine & School of Medicine Executive Committee to articulate the strategic research objectives of the School.
  2. To devise and promote strategies to enhance high quality research outputs for the School of Medicine
  3. To oversee quality assurance and improvement measures in respect of research activity, including the efficacy of research quality measures for the School of Medicine.
  4. To report to the Head of School of Medicine on new policy developments at Faculty and College level relating to research policy and operations.
  5. To oversee the implementation of the School of Medicine’s policy on research ethics.
  6. To support the career development of the School of Medicine’s research community.
  7. To support the promotion and translation of School of Medicine’s research outputs.
  8. To support the development and improvement of research infrastructure within the School of Medicine.
  9. To support the nurturing of national and international research collaborations between the School of Medicine and external stakeholders in HEI’s, Industry and Public Sector organisations.

Meetings and Quorum

  1. The Committee will normally hold meetings four times a year
  2. The quorum for meetings will be 50% of members plus the Chair.
  3. The Minutes of the School Research Committee will be published on the School of Medicine website once approved.


The School of Medicine Research Committee shall operate under delegated authority from the School of Medicine Executive Committee.
Through the School of Medicine Research Committee membership, the Committee shall act as a channel of communication between the College Research Committee and the School Executive Committee, the School Management Committee and the research community of the School of Medicine.