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Curriculum Committee

Minutes (Committee Members only)

Schedule of Meetings

The Committee meets once per semester.


The Curriculum Committee assumes responsibility for the educational programme in undergraduate medicine and provides both component-specific and global oversight of the curriculum in order to achieve the school's overall educational objectives. The Committee recommends curricular change to the School of Medicine Executive for approval.


There is broad representation from various constituents across the School of Medicine. The membership includes representation from academics and clinicians across the 5 years of the programme and the Intern Year, Heads of Discipline of the Therapies and the student body. This balanced membership includes appropriate members of the faculty, administration and student body to assure wide understanding of the issues at hand, a lack of bias, and full representation across the School. Membership is reviewed annually and modified as necessary.

Membership Committee 2017/18

Chair:   Profesor Joseph Harbison, Professor of Medical Gerontology and Director of Undergraduate Teaching & Learning
Secretary:  Aine Wade, Programme Manager
Dr Lylas Aljohmani, Final Medical Year Co-ordinator
Professor Joseph Barry, Professor of Population Health/Medicine
Dr Michael Barry, Head of Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics
Dr Elaine Burke/Dr Habitha Sulaiman, Intern Co-ordinator
Dr Declan Byrne, Course Director, Human Nutrition & Dietetics
Professor Paul Browne, Professor of Haematology
Professor Lorraine Cassidy, Professor of Ophthalmology
Dr Jennifer Conlon, 3rd Medical Year Co-ordinator
Professor Kevin Conlon, Professor of Surgery
Professor Aiden Corvin, Head of Department of Psychiatry
Ms Michelle Leech, Acting Head of Radiation Therapy
Professor Seamus Donnelly, Professor of Clinical Medicine
Dr Eric Downer, Course Director, Human Health and Disease
Dr John Gormley, Head of Physiotherapy
Dr Martina Hennessy, Associate Professor of Medical Education
Professor Kumlesh Dev, Head of Physiology
Dr Nick Kennedy, Course Director, Human Nutrition & Dietetics
Dr Nick Mahoney, Acting Head of Anatomy
Ms Orla Mulligan, Fresh Student Co-ordinator
Professor Eleanor Molloy, Professor of Paediatrics
Professor Deirdre Murphy, Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Professor John O'Leary, Professor of Histopathology and Morbid Anatomy
Dr Dermot O'Toole, Acting Head of Department of Clinical Medicine
Dr Aileen Patterson, Lecturer in Medical Education and Associate Director of Undergraduate Teaching & Learning
Dr Richard Porter, Senior Lecturer in Biochemistry
Professor John Reynolds, Professor of Surgery
Professor Tom Rogers, Professor of Clinical Microbiology
Professor Orla Sheils,  Professor of Histopathology & Director of Ethics
Mr Tadhg Stapleton, Head of Occupational Therapy
Professor Con Timon, Professor of ENT
Ms Sharon Thompson/Cristina Boccardo, Sophister Student Co-ordinator
Class Representatives (2)