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Project Title: Assessing the numbers, needs, risks, and evidence based interventions for children impacted by parental substance misuse within the South East Region.  Professor Catherine Comiskey and Ms Karen Galligan

The aim of this research was to provide an internationally focused literature review of the most effective evidence based interventions that may match the needs of children, parents and families in the region. It also aimed to provide a brief estimate of the prevalence of children impacted by parental substance (including alcohol) misuse, across the communities of South Eastern Regional Drugs and Alcohol Task Force (SERDATF).  To provide a full context the study provided a detailed consultation with a) service providers, b) family members (where accessible) who work in this area and c) service users to assess their views of the risks and protective factors and consequent needs of children living with parental substance misuse. Finally the report informed the development and implementation of the SERDATF strategic plan.