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Prostate Cancer Research Consortium

PCRC 5 yr report front

Project summary

This project addresses the involvement of microRNAs (miRNAs), recently discovered regulatory molecules that are associated with various malignancies, in prostate cancer. The expression of a panel of known human miRNAs will be assessed in a group of prostate cell lines of ascending malignancy. The initial aim of the project is to identify a profile of prostate cancer-associated miRNAs that can be subsequently analysed as putative anti-cancer targets.

Stem-like cells have been identified in several malignancies including prostate cancer and are thought to drive primary tumorigenesis through self-renewal and differentiation. Additionally, persistence of stem cells post-intervention has been proposed as an explanation for metastasis and recurrence. Holoclones are a tightly packed clone of small cells generally thought to contain stem cells and progenitors. The second aim of this project is to derive stem-like cells from prostate cancer and characterise the miRNA profile of these cells.

The Irish Cancer Society 5 year report can be read here.

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