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Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia

BCR-ABL interacting with Imatinib

BCR-ABL interacting with Imatinib: P-loop is depicted in pink, the activation-loop in brown. A selection of residue identified to be mutated in Imatinib-resistant patients in our study are also highlighted

Stem cell transplantation for this disease has become less frequent since the use of tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs). The department has taken part in a number of international clinical trials on the use of first and second generation TKIs. Currently patients who are resistant to TKIs are investigated for kinase mutations by D-HPLC and direct sequencing. This information has been useful in the management of these patients in deciding when transplantation might be appropriate. We are also investigating novel apoptotic and cell cycle regulators as potential therapeutic agents.


Bright SA, McElligott AM, O'Connell JW, O'Connor L, Carroll P, Campiani G, Deininger MW, Conneally E, Lawler M, Williams DC, Zisterer DM.  Novel pyrrolo-1,5-benzoxazepine compounds display significant activity against resistant chronic myeloid leukaemia cells in vitro, in ex vivo patient samples and in vivo. Br J Cancer. 2010; 102(10):1474-82.

Hayat A, McCann SR, Langabeer S, Irvine S, McMullin MF, Conneally E..
Effective use of imatinib-mesylate in the treatment of relapsed chronic myeloid leukaemia after allogeneic transplantation.
Haematologica. 94(2):296-298. 2009.

O'Connor LM, Langabeer S, McCann SR, Conneally E. Restoration of donor chimerism by nilotinib in a chronic myeloid leukaemia patient post mutation-associated imatinib mesylate resistance and allogeneic stem cell transplant failure. Bone Marrow Transplant. 2008; 42(12):833-5.

Principal Investigator

Principal Investigator Email Telephone
Dr Eibhlin Conneally +353 1 416 2167




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