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Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin

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MSc Global Health 2011-2012

Iram Bashir

Research Project: Attitudes, intentions and knowledge of Pharmacists on providing influenza vaccine and perceived barriers to delivery of immunization services 

Dermot Connellan

Research Project: TB in Haiti 

Edel Cronin

Research Project: Sabui Sangha, india 

Danielle Ferris

Research Project: A model of cross-border HIV/TB care in a mobile population: Decentralised Integrated HIV/TB/MDR-TB/PHC 

Nadine Ferris-France

Research Project: Internalised stigma among people living with HIV and AIDS: identifying and exploring core beliefs underlying internalised stigma 

Brynne Gilmore

Research Project: Receptiveness and attitudes of expectant mothers to Community Health Workers and the initiation of World Vision's 7-11 strategy in Uganda - targeting areas for systems strengthening and policy inclusion

Lillian Kamowa

Research Project: Understanding users' perspectives of barriers to Maternal Newborn and Child Health care using Mobile phones in Balaka, Malawi

Ingrid Leroy

Research Project: WaSH Research, Haiti 

Stephen Hsiao-Feng MacDonald

Research Project: What barriers exist for the providers of nutrition Service for the homeless and disadvantaged in Dublin 

Olafimihan Olawale

Research Project: Equity in health-equity of access, overcoming obvious and hidden barriers for poor and vulnerable

Rinette Reimer

Research Project: Reproductive health care services and youth in informal settlements in Kenya

Alice Sachova

Research Project: Knowledge, attitudes and practices (KAP) towards water, hygiene and sanitation in the town of Mancora, Peru 

Lindsey Sherrard

Research Project: The changing Epidemiology of H. influenzae in Canada: 20 years after the Hib vaccine

Claire Toher

Research Project: Vitamin D Status in a group of non-Irish ethnic pregnant women living in Ireland and their knowledge, attitudes and practices of Vitamin D intake

Jillian Wilmot

Research Project: Barriers to Adherence to ARTs amongst First Nation women in Canada