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The MSc is the equivalent of 90 ECTS and is comprised of the following modules:

ECTS Pure and Applied Anatomy 10
ECTS Sports and Exercise Physiology 10
ECTS Clinical Sports Medicine 10
ECTS Musculoskeletal Assessment 10
ECTS Research Methodology 10
ECTS Maximising Sports Performance 10
ECTS Research Dissertation 30

Incourse and official end of term examinations of ECTS units consist of:
(a) Written examination MCQs and SAQs
(b) Practical examinations competence in musculoskeletal examination techniques, clinical cases and athletic assessment.

All ECTS modules must be passed (>50%). No compensation is allowed between written papers and clinical examinations. The dissertation can only be undertaken when interim assessments have been completed successfully. The degree is externally monitored and examined.

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