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An Act of Remembrance and Thanksgiving will take place on Thursday, 9th March, 2017 in Trinity College Chapel at 5.15pm.   All are warmly welcome.

This ceremony is an opportunity for staff and students to express their gratitude to those that have donated their bodies to medical science.

A central part of the ceremony is calling out the name of each donor while lighting a candle in their memory. The ceremony last approximately 45 minutes during which the Chaplains, choir, students, staff and donor families contribute religious and secular readings, singing and music, creating a truly fitting acknowledgement to the donor community.                       

Event details:

Date                    Thursday 9th March
Time                    5.15 pm
Location             College Chapel

Siobhan Ward and Philomena McAteer or

Department Anatomy Department, School of Medicine, TBSI


Last updated 1 March 2017 Anatomy (Email).