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Mission Statement

The mission of the School of Medicine at Trinity is to facilitate and provide Healthcare Education to the highest international standards, to train clinicians and allied health practitioners who are equipped to fulfil their professional roles in a caring, competent and patient centred manner; to produce individuals who through critical thinking and outstanding professional and ethical standards will become leaders in their field of practice.

The School aims to be a leading research-intensive institution that fosters life-long learning in its graduates in preparation for post-graduate training. It aims to integrate its educational obligations with other missions for high-quality patient care, research excellence and new knowledge generation.

The School embraces an ethos of social responsibility, accountability, public service and community involvement, and is dedicated to meeting the healthcare needs of the wider community by training doctors and other professionals to practice with integrity, and a deep understanding of the impact of psycho-social influences and inequity on health and disease. The ethos of the School is evident across all its undergraduate degrees.