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Jeff Morgan
Research Fellow, Mechanical & Manuf. Eng


Manufacturing engineer educated and experienced in production design, development, and optimisation. Core skill focus on industrial software, with a wide range of industry implemented solutions for international manufacturers. Recent endeavours include; Enterprise Ireland innovation partnership, research fellow: Industry 4.0, and production control consultant.

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Morgan, J. and O†Donnell, G.E., Multi-sensor process analysis and performance characterisation in CNC turningâ€"a cyber physical system approach, International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 92, (1-4), 2017, p855-868 Journal Article, 2017 DOI

Jeff Morgan, Garret E. O'Donnell, Enabling a ubiquitous and cloud manufacturing foundation with field-level service-oriented architecture, International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing, 30, ((4-5)), 2017, p442-458 Journal Article, 2017

Morgan, J. and O†Donnell, G.E., Cyber physical process monitoring systems, Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing, 2015, p1-12 Journal Article, 2015 DOI

Morgan Jeff, O'Donnell Garret E., The Cyber Physical Implementation of Cloud Manufactuirng Monitoring Systems , Procedia CIRP , 33 , ( ), 2015, p29 - 34 Journal Article, 2015 URL TARA - Full Text DOI

Research Expertise


The foundation of my research lays in my Ph.D research which explored the dynamics of decentralised software architecture within field-level manufacturing process monitoring systems. The need for this understanding has been driven by the prediction that these cyber-physical systems will create the next generation of innovative intelligent machines. This research investigates the capability of decentralisation design to provide the core fundamental functionality of process monitoring systems in a new reconfigurable format. The embodiment of this investigation is the design and development of a decentralised architecture for the creation of a reconfigurable process monitoring system within field-level manufacturing.


  • Title
    • SR-TEX
  • Summary
    • The creation of an innovative reconfigurable production line. This system will have interchangeable product testing stations with dedicated RT controllers. Each station is dynamic and can re-configure test setting depending on the part type present in real time. Furthermore, part routine and data collect will be orchestrated by a master controller via TCP, enabling the implementation of high computation analytics and ensure seamless data interoperability between stations. This system is a service oriented production line, which is open, flexible to change, and extensible for future development. Core station operations include: High voltage testing (HIPOT), electrical resistance measurement, thermal imaging and analysis, serial part printing.
  • Funding Agency
    • Enterprise Ireland


CONTINUOUS MONITORING; Cyber Physical Systems; decentralised control; Machine Condition Monitoring; Sensor Networks; service oriented architecture; Signal Analysis; Signal processing