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Senior Sophister

Students in Senior Sophister Engineering with Management can select from the following modules:

Mandatory Courses
4MEMS1 Project [15 credits]
4MEMS2 Advanced Manufacturing [5 credits]

Engineering Electives
3B1 Thermodynamics [5 credits]
3B2 Fluid Mechanics 1 [5 credits]
4B1 Mechanics of Solids [5 credits]
4B2 Forensic Engineering Materials [5 credits]
4B4 Heat Transfer [5 credits]
4B7 Computer Aided Engineeing [5 credits]
4B9 Mechatronics & Systems [5 credits]
4B12 Acoustics [5 credits]
4B13 Fluid Mechanics [5 credits]
4B17 Multibody Dynamics [5 credits]
4B19 Biomechanics [5 credits]
4B20 Biomaterials [5 credits]
4A8 Transportation [5 credits]
4E4 Engineering Project Internship (semester 2) [30 credits]
4E5 Innovation in Product Development [20 credits]

Management Electives
4MEMS3 Supply Chain Management [5 credits]
ST3001 Software Applications [10 credits]
ST3011 Multivariate Linear Analysis (MLA) [5 credits]
ST4004 Management Science in Practice [10 credits]
ST4500 Strategic Information Systems [10 credits]
ST2351/52 Probability and Theoretical Statistics
BU4580A Managing New Product development [10 credits]

Please note that:

  • Each student must take 4MEMS1 and 4MEMS2 (only for those exiting with BSc).
  • Students proceeding to the MAI year and who satisfy the grade requirement may choose one of the following: 4E4 or 4E5.
  • Electives selected by students are subject to timetabling constraints, therefore not all electives may be available.
  • A credit balance is necessary taking a maximum of 35 ECTS per semester, e.g. 35 ECTS in semester 1 and 25 ECTS in semester 2.

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