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Postgraduate Study

Since its establishment in 2012, the Loyola Institute has attracted expressions of interest in postgraduate study from a great variety of people, in Ireland and internationally. This popularity is due both to Trinity’s historic reputation in the academic study of theology and to the strong research profiles of the current Loyola staff, each of whom has international standing in their specialisations.

Postgraduate Research

Mary Stefanazzi is the first Loyola Institute student to be awarded a Ph.D. Here she is after graduation with Dr Bob Geldof, who received an honorary degree at the same ceremony.

There are endless opportunities worldwide for postgraduate study these days. What makes the Loyola Institute at Trinity College Dublin stand out for me is the genuine interest and capacity the directors and professors have in challenging and supporting each student to flourish. The Loyola Institute provides a mature, ethical and deeply reflective learning environment in which to research the big and challenging questions pertinent to contemporary culture.

Current and Recent Postgraduate Research

Our Ph.D. Students work on a variety of topics in systematic, practical and liturgical theology and biblical studies.

Current and Recent Postgraduate Research


If you would like to apply for a research degree, please visit our staff pages to see the research interests and expertise of our staff. Develop your research proposal in dialogue with your proposed selected academic supervisor.

For more information see the Confederal School of Religions, Peace Studies and Theology M.Litt./Ph.D. Course Handbook 2017-2018

M.Phil. in Christian Theology

The Loyola Institute also offers a taught M.Phil. in Christian Theology.

This M.Phil. in Christian Theology enables participants to gain an in-depth knowledge of core issues in contemporary Christian theology — issues such as Church and Ministry, Theology of the Bible, Violence and Grace. Students are introduced to historical scholarship and to rigorous contemporary theological investigation. Seminar-style learning is an important pedagogy in the programme. A written dissertation is a key part of the M.Phil. The dissertation process will enable students to engage in advanced study of a particular topic in the field of theology.


Eoin Walshe, M.Phil. student 2017-2018

I am very impressed at the variety of people doing the course. I am very much enjoying the different perspectives and all the discussions.

Edith O Nuallain, M.Phil. student 2017-2018

It is a dream come true to be able to study theology in Trinity College. I have been interested in the subject for many years and am so pleased to have the opportunity to do this M.Phil.



Scholarships available for both the M.Phil. in Christian Theology and for postgraduate research degrees. See details of scholarship here.

Trinity College Dublin Graduate Studies Office

For more information about admission requirements, practical considerations, fees and how to apply, please visit the TCD Graduate Studies Office page.